This is the third year we are checking Polish public toilets! Press release.

data publikacji: 2010-10-21

This is the third year we’re checking Polish public toilets!
Each year the educational campaign Toaleta2012.pl gathers momentum.

Toaleta2012 is an educational campaign the aim of which is to focus public opinion on the standard of public toilets in such places as hotels, restaurants, railway stations etc, in relation to the nation’s preparations for EURO 2012. This year’s edition of the campaign is already the third, and its scale is even wider than in previous years.

The educational campaign organised by CWS-boco Poland is based on three pillars. The first includes surveys concerning toilets, commissioned by CWS-boco and carried out by TNS OBOP market research company. The second pillar covers education and Cleanliness Patrols (teams of trained auditors) that monitor the condition of public toilets in Poland. They visit the public toilets in main six Polish cities to check their standard and educate people responsible for it. The third pillar is cooperation with mainstream Polish media in promotion of the campaign. The whole affair has the patronage of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, while the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Cleanliness is a substantive partner.

There have already been three editions of the educational campaign Toaleta2012.pl, which will continue to be run until 2012. In 2008, CWS-boco commissioned two types of surveys: the Mystery Toilet survey, and a general survey among Poles concerning the standard of Polish public toilets. Based on the survey results, a report on the condition of toilets in Poland was prepared. Moreover, the www.toaleta2012.pl website was launched, with a competition in which Internet users could vote for the best public toilet. It was then that the first virtual map of Polish toilets was created.
In 2009 CWS-boco commissioned a survey among foreign tourists of the toilets they use in Poland. The Cleanliness Patrols evaluated the condition of 200 toilets across the whole of Poland. The action was summarised in a special report and presented during a press conference.

In 2010 the scale of the campaign is even larger than in  previous years. This year, the Cleanliness Patrols visited public toilets twice – in the summer and in the autumn. They evaluated the standard of 400 places and conducted educational interviews there, which means that they expanded their range by 50%. Moreover, the list of visited places included new urban spots: shopping galleries and trade centres, as well as cultural facilities, such as museums and theatres.

The first results of the campaign are already coming in, with 80% of all toilets deserving the title “Clean Toilet”; a better result than a year ago.

Also, the TNS OBOP surveys commissioned by CWS-boco are organised on a larger scale. TNS OBOP carried out a survey among football fans, asking them about the condition of toilets at sports stadiums, both old ones and those built especially for EURO 2012. Other respondents were sports journalists, trainers, managers of sports clubs and members of the Polish Football Association, who also shared their ideas on how to solve the problem of toilets at Polish stadiums.

‘Tourists who come to Poland during EURO 2012, apart from sports impressions, will also remember the infrastructure they will find here. They will remember not only the quality of our motorways and airports, but also the condition of the public toilets,’ says Andrzej Smółko, CEO of CWS-boco Poland. ‘A toilet can be the mark of a place and its host. It’s time we finally realised that. What the tourists find after coming to Poland, including the standard of toilets they use, will influence whether they will return to Poland and what they will say about us in their countries.’

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